What to Expect

On a White Dove Retreat you will be in a safe a nurturing environment. Thought the retreat we are there to support you throughout your journey with us. During our retreats you will have time to relax and enjoy the peace of our retreat locations.

You will learn techniques and tools to use when you leave us, to help continue the journey you started while with us. You will will feel happier and more positive about life and ready to really live the life you dream of.




What type of people will be on the retreat

Depending on which retreat you choose will depend on the mix of people who attend. The majority of our retreats are for Women. People from all walks of life will be there. What matters more than the type of person is that you all have a similar goal which is to live a better and happier life.

I’ve never been on a retreat before

Don’t worry about feeling nervous, it is normal to feel that way before a retreat, everyone will be feeling the same. We always run small intimate groups on our retreats to create a kind and loving environment. We will make sure that you feel confident and happy while you are with us.

Coaching Sessions During the Retreat

During every retreat we use Group Coaching, these sessions are not therapy sessions but a place to work through your personal situation. Each person’s situation is different and you can share or not share as much or as little as you want with the group. What is essential is you feel free to be open with the Coaches on the retreat so we can help you on your journey as much as possible. Anything you share during our group sessions or with our Coach is help in the strictest confidence at all times.

Meditation and Mindfulness

We like to use meditation and mindfulness on our retreats, these practices are excellent for reducing stress and using in your everyday life to help deal with life’s ups and downs. Don’t worry if you have never done meditation or practised mindfulness. We will guide you through the the practise of mindfulness and meditations.

Afternoon Activities

Each afternoon we have an activity. They vary depending on each retreat and our locations. Each activity is designed to work with the theme of the day and to help you to continue through your journey. The activities are fun and an interesting way in which to develop and transform.

What about the food

Food will vary depending on our retreat locations, what will always be the same is the food will be delicious and nutritious. We of course cater for all diets, please just let us know prior to the retreat if you have any allergies.


While on most of our retreats we are happy for people to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, we do not at anytime encourage this. Alcohol is not part of our packages and is entirely at your own expense.

What should I bring?

Each location is different and we will send you out a pack with details of what to bring and what not to bring