Each of our retreats are developed to help you along your journey. Using a combination of Life Development Coaching, Mindfulness Practise and Time Just For You. We hope to help you learn tools that will help you in your life and give you the energy and renewed passion for life that will lead you to living a life you dream of.



Welcome to White Dove Retreats

Be The Change You Desire

Words are really not enough to convey exactly what you will experience on one of our transformational retreats.

Your experience on our retreats is completely unique to you.  You will go through a journey of self discovery and learning that will help you to refocus on you and your life, help you realign with your dreams and passions and leave you feeling renewed and ready to take on life again.

Refresh Your Life Retreat
Discover The Secrets of a Happy Balanced Life

Join us on our 4 night Women’s Wellbeing Retreat on 11 September 2016 to 15th September 2016